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What types of artwork and prints do you sell?
I sell original paintings (that I create on my own or are commissioned by others), limited edition and regular prints done on paper, signed and serialized limited edition giclees on canvas, and "metal prints" the image is infused onto aluminum plates.

How much does a commissioned painting cost?
My pricing for commissioned work varies greatly. It depends upon a number of factors, including:
  1. The complexity of the desired image.
  2. The size of the painting.
  3. The amount of research it will require.
  4. The need and amount of travel.
  5. The needed photography.
  6. Other factors.
Please contact me to discuss any ideas, possibilities, pricing, etc. regarding commissioned work. Only after we have reached an agreement regarding the work you wish commissioned and the downpayment amount, will I accept your payment and begin work.

How do you work? Do you draw the items on the board first? And what do you use?
Most of the time I use oils on board or panels now becuase I feel like I can get greater detain on board than on canvas. However, if you're looking at my paintings from over thrity years ago, you will see more acrylic paint or oils on canvas. The only times that I draw the details in first is for really complex images, if only to establish the horizon.

How long have you been painting?
I was always drawing or painting on something, old Green type window blinds, the flat side of old records, Pennsylvania Dutch icons on black-painted irons – even the walls of the living room – and got spanked for it!

What are your favorite types of subject to paint?
I enjoy painting landscapes, nature, animals, old buildings – and contrasting images – like the old vs new, cold versus warm, and most all paintings have a touch of ‘life’ in them, whether it is a bird, small animal, etc.


What methods of payment do you accept?
I accept in-person cash, checks, and credit cards over the phone. I'm sorry, but I can no longer accept payments through PayPal.

How long does it take before you ship my order?
It depends on whether or not I have it in stock. Due to the nature of the business, print and giclee orders are usually submitted for printing, coating, mounting, serialization, etc. and shipped to the customer within ten working days after receipt of the order. If I already have the image in inventory, then I'll usually ship the order within two working days.

How do you ship your paintings?
I usually ship orders with standard carriers such as UPS, Federal Express or the Post Office at the discretion of O’Lorell Art unless specified differently by the customer.

What is your return and refund policy?
I am dedicated to providing my customers with the highest quality items. You must be delighted with your order. Please open all shipments immediately and inspect the contents. Should an item be received in poor condition, I will replace, repair or make a full refund for the item. Please e-mail me within 2 days of receipt of item if there is a problem with your order. I will need information from the shipping box and the product(s) packaging.

While I make sure that every item leaving our facilities is packed securely for shipping, I am unable to control handling once it leaves our location. If a package is damaged in transit, I am able to make a claim with the shipping company and will reship the product. Ie will make arrangements with you so that the original package is returned to me and I can make a damage claim.

Do you teach? Especially children?
No, not at this time (because I’m not sure of what I’m doing yet.)

Did you ever have professional training?
No, not really. I started in the late ‘40’s with a correspondence course that advertised on the inside cover of a set of matches – saying ‘Draw Me’ , in the early 80’s I took art classes under Luis Busta, a Chilean artist working out of San Mateo.

What do you find the most rewarding about painting?
When I can take someone’s memories, dreams, photos of pets, etc. and make a painting of it that is a special ‘Moment of Life’ for the client.

How can an engineer be an artist?
I don’t know. In the past, Di Vinci and others had to be chemists and very technical to do what they did that made their paintings last so long. To this day, I'm incredibly impressed with what the old masters to make their masterpieces last so long.